The Making Love Retreat® for couples

As created by Diana & Michael Richardson, leaders in the field of Conscious Sex

It's so nice to meet you!

We're Majbrit Villadsen & Vishwas Chavan

Majbrit & Vishwas
Big leap of faith.

We know it’s a big leap of faith to reach out the way you have, and we truly appreciate your trust. Our wish is for you to connect more deeply to your natural essence of love and let that infuse your relationship.

​We believe that all individuals holds the power to create a life full of meaning, purpose, togetherness, love and joy. In doing so, you build your own foundation for peace within.

The bodily recognition of the truth in The Making Love approach has changed how we relate to ourselves, each other, and to others as well. We have become more tolerant and loving. It nourishes our intimate togetherness and love connection.

Join us!

Together we'll make the world a more loving place.

It all starts with you.

We are lifelong explorers of intimacy, communication, soulful touch, sensuality and lovemaking. Returning to presence again and again to deepen our inner connection, the connection to each other and to the world around us. We would love to share with you what we have discovered so far. 

To be allowed to bring these life-affirming teachings to Scandinavia is an honor and a privilege.

We are utterly humbled to be among the few approved teachers by Diana and Michael Richardson, and we are excited to bring The Making Love Retreat to Scandinavia and share it with you.

Diana Richardson & Michael Richardson

The founders

Diana and Michael Richardson are leaders in the field of Conscious Loving and Sexuality and founders of The Making Love Retreat.

They have helped thousands of couples change the way they make love for more than 20 years. We remain students of Diana and Michael, to continuously deepen our own connection and expand our understanding of these life-changing teachings.

Who are we?

Majbrit Villadsen

As a Naturopath, energetic bodyworker, tantric touch practitioner and Reiki healer I’ve worked with men, women and couples since 2005, guiding them towards the embodiment of their inner essence and a sense of well-being and freedom.

Born in India, and shaped by the teachings of tantra from a very early age, I merge science and spirituality. I’m a healer, tantric touch practitioner, inspirational speaker and mentor, and hold a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics. Osho continues to be a profound inspiration for me in my daily life along with other spiritually awakened teachers.

Vishwas Chavan