The Making Love Retreat® for couples

As created by Diana & Michael Richardson, leaders in the field of Conscious Sex

Who is The Making Love Retreat for?

How to create lasting love.

The Making Love Retreat is designed for heterosexual couples who has a shared commitment to deepening their love and relationship.

For different reasons you may have stopped making love, or maybe you make love very rarely. This approach can be the doorway into finding each other again. It can lead you back into sexual intimacy. Through that, you can liberate yourself from the past and embrace the emerging soulfulness of your connection.

Or you may be in a newer relationship and seek a way to deepen your sexual experiences. You may sense there is more to life than what the conventional way of viewing sex offers. Maybe you struggle with anxiety, inability to relax and surrender, or low desire.

You have come to the right place. The Making Love Retreat offers a new perspective, a mutual starting point for you to explore a different way of coming together. It’s based on ancient esoteric knowledge about our body and the way it functions sexually.

A unique tantric sexual orientation.

The information given is suitable for all ages. Whether you have been together for decades or your relationship is just in the beginning stages you can benefit from this retreat. Learning to relax into your body and becoming more present in lovemaking will change the way you relate, and if you have children they will be happy to feel the loving  change in you when you come back home.

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