The Making Love Retreat® for couples

As created by Diana & Michael Richardson, leaders in the field of Conscious Sex

Have you ever wondered what makes love last?

Nourishing intimacy and connection & transforming sex into love through awareness are essential ingredients of long-lasting love relationships.


The Making Love Retreat

Transforming Sex into Love through Awareness

A 7-day retreat for couples

The Making Love Retreat is a unique possibility for you as a couple to open into a new paradigm of togetherness, intimacy and love.

In this 7-day retreat for couples you will discover new ways of being together which makes deepening your intimate connection possible.

Through experiential exercises, either individually or as a couple, you will experience an awakening of the energies in your body and rediscover the pleasure residing here. This will help you to assimilate the teachings, and to learn about, and understand, sexuality from a whole different perspective.

This body centered approach can change your sex life 

and transform your relationship for the better.

Through meditation, movement, easy-to-do exercises, sharing and daily step-by-step lectures a unique tantric sexual orientation is presented. All designed to develop greater awareness and sensitivity to love, and to relax into your being.

Conscious sex

By shifting the focus from a quick, goal-oriented style of having sex into a conscious, relaxed and attentive experience, a style of sexual affinity emerges which creates love and harmony between man and woman.

Each day you will have time to explore the suggested ‘love keys’ in privacy. This is essential for you to practice and integrate this new language through direct experience and discover how it relates to your body.

There is no sexual activity or nudity in the group room.

The bodily recognition of the truth in The Making Love approach has changed how we relate to ourselves, each other, and to others as well.

We have become more tolerant and loving. It nourishes our relationship and love connection.

The Making Love Retreat approach allows you to experience:

  • deeper trust in yourself and your relation, as you get new insights into your body and how it functions
  • a clear and simple way of understanding male/female sexuality
  • ​a relaxation into your being that opens up the sensitivity and aliveness of the body
  • ​a deeper connection with yourself and your partner, as you let go of performance anxiety and self-critism
  • more joy and connection in your intimate moments, and more harmony in your daily life
  • a feeling of being whole and valued the way you are
  • a sense of being on the same team, as love, emotional freedom and trust increases between you
  • a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in your relationship
  • the possibility for mutual healing of past traumas and fears associated with sex
  • a feeling of being content and a sense of inner peace
  • more opportunities for love to become the nourishing force in your relationship
  • how positively your children react to the new you

“Most of the unhappiness experienced in love has its source in dissatisfaction with sex. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.”

- Diana Richardson, creator of The Making Love Retreat

You can learn how to:

  • become more confident in and out of the bedroom
  • have sex even if you cannot maintain an erection
  • not let your mood control your sex life
  • enhance physical and emotional intimacy between you
  • let go of performance anxiety, self-critism and a negative body image
  • listen to, and trust in, your body
  • become more aware of your needs and communicate them to your partner
  • stop racing for the finishing line, and let love be your guiding force 
  • explore sexuality from a body-oriented approach
  • become present in your body as opposed to in your mind
  • transform sex into love through awareness
  • connect on a deeply satisfying level and make sex enjoyable for the both of you
  • learn to make room for each others differences

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