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The Intro Talks for The Making Love Retreat are FREE. You need to let us know you’re coming to make sure there’s a place for you. Please send us an email, or call or send a text message +45 53377882 and let us know what time you would like to come.

When it comes to our sexuality we have all been conditioned by societal and cultural norms, by our parents, caregivers and others within our close relations.

Yet very few have actually been taught in the field of lovemaking, and so has relied on whatever they’ve come across in magazines, porn movies, or in listening in on others conversations. And of course now-a-days there’s the internet to source information from - but sadly very few reach beyond the superficial.

Nourish Love

Falling in love is easy. If you want to keep it, you have to nourish it!

Countless relationship issues, frustrations and unhappiness revolves around sex. It is the source of a lot of dissatisfaction. No wonder, when we’ve never really been taught how.

Since you’re here reading this, you know there must be more to sex than what you’re currently experiencing. And there is.

In this talk we will introduce you to a completely new insight into sex. This insight forms the foundation of The Making Love Retreat® which is a 7-day residential retreat for couples.

The key lies in a new perception of the genitals, how they interact and how male and female energy is exchanged. We can access the wisdom of our bodies through relaxation and presence. When you introduce awareness and relaxation into your lovemaking it shifts the balance. And as a result, sexual energy and love flows freely and harmony is created between you.

When you change the way you make love it transforms and empowers you. Not just in the bedroom, but in the boardroom as well. It increases self-confidence, self-love, self-respect, self-accept and your joy for life.

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