The Making Love Retreat® for couples

As created by Diana & Michael Richardson, leaders in the field of Conscious Sex

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5 Insights To More Intimacy, Love & Connection In Your Relationship

Create love, joy, fulfillment & togetherness - through sex.

Sex is often a source of frustration and separation in a relationship, and yet - it holds great potential to deepen love and intimacy between you and your partner.

In this 7-day residential couples retreat you’ll learn how to make sex enjoyable for the both of you.

You’ll discover the importance of quality in presence, and of connecting to yourself so that you may truly connect to your partner.

When we let go of pressures and expectations, relax into the body and become present in the moment - we experience how sensitivity expands and enhances the pleasure we feel in the body.

And although you may have reached a point where you don’t really feel much when making love, when we stop putting pressure, bring attention into our body as opposed to in our head and accept what is, we can feel how the body slowly opens and we start to notice pleasurable sensations.

Conscious, slow sex can transform your relationship

A couples retreat to nourish your relationship and grow your love.

This couples retreat is for you, if you still have love for each other and at the same time know there can be more. It’s for couples of all ages, and the length of your relationship is not relevant. We all pretty much have the same sexual conditioning, and we all have the ability to choose something else for ourselves.

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Join us for this weeklong immersion.

The Making Love Retreat for couples

Join us for this weeklong immersion

Discover the true purpose of sex - which is love - through this revolutionary approach for couples.